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The Risk Factor Ltd can save you time and money; as we help you navigate your way through the insurance and risk requirements of your business, giving you all the expertise and support you need.

We are poachers turned gamekeepers. Former brokers, who have all the expertise of a broker, but a different more transparent way of working that saves you money, time and frees up your resources.

You can be sure the advice you receive is top quality, the whole team is highly experienced in insurance, public sector procurement requirements, and alternative methods of risk transfer.

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Formulate Strategy

Every organisation is different, with a different risk culture and differing levels of appetite for risk, if this is not reflected in your portfolio of covers it means either money wasted or cover not meeting expectations. To get the best and most cost effective risk management and insurance solutions, we set up your risk strategy to support your organisational strategy and capabilities. A truly tailored fit.

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Reduce Costs

By auditing the covers you have in place and the covers you really need, we enable you to make an informed choice. Costs can be cut by correcting covers, using alternative risk transfer; increasing competition for your ITT's and removing hidden broker earnings from the portfolio. Truly impartial advice.

Generate Income icon

Generate Income

You can take back control of your premiums and make them work for you, with options such as bringing in elements of self-insurance, schemes for tenants / customers to buy into; insurance funds, & increased claims controls, we can advise you on how to turn a cost into a revenue stream, which can be re-invested into other projects. Truly innovative solutions.

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In-house Advice & Support

You can reduce the costs of your procurement whilst increasing the support and expertise available to your team. By outsourcing your insurance procurement and management to The Risk Factor, we provide you with a highly experienced and qualified risk practitioner and back up administrator, working remotely, or on site, as part of your procurement team, but with no staffing “on costs”, NI, holidays or absence to worry about. Truly dedicated service.

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